Sunday, September 11, 2005
Some people are so immature

Andre Dirk, the administrator of the forum located at disagreed with my position in an argument with another member of his forum. So, to win that argument, he banned my account, took it over and impersonated me, giving an apology and then locking the thread. (he also banned everyone who took my side, and openly ridiculed at least one of them - gee, how mature)
I have been communicating with PHPBbplanet support stuff, and thus far they have been looking into it.
I'm waiting for the final verdict, I suppose, but this admin also released my primary e-mail address to the public on that forum, at which I was very, very disturbed.
Why am I posting this here? Ummmm... I'll get to that. More updates for nihongocomics coming soon - Willu's finished the coloring.

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