Wednesday, August 03, 2005
Video Tutorial: Colouring

Here is the f irst part of a video series i decided to make, on colouring. This part tells you how to take a basic scanned image, and use Adobe Illustrator's "Live Trace" feature to convert it into a cleaner/sharper image and resize it without any loss, if needed.

This series will run to 3-5 episodes, the end result being you learning to professionally colour in an image on the pc. Each episode consists of a video of what i am doing on the screen, and my voice explaining what is going on.

Episode 1: Using Live Trace to clean up scans to make it easier for colouring Episode 1a: Cleaning an image manually (note: i may not make this)
Episode 2: Connecting lines, Cloning, Using Vector lines and Setting up layers Episode 3: Colouring
Episode 4: Shading
(these episode plans are tentitive and may change)

I am using Paint Shop Pro 9 to teach this, however the same processes aren't too different in PSP. if you need the programs used in this tutorial, i think you can download free trials.. on a completely unrelated note, has a really nice search function...

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