Monday, July 11, 2005
Episode 008 - There's no mall

I'm sorry about the typos in the kana version. The original comic was not saved, so we will edit it when we can. In the meantime please tolerate our roumaji.
Gomen ;_;

The first sentence Pakku is saying "mise ha doko desu ka?" bearing in mind that "ha" is read "wa". This means "Where is (the/a) shop?" (since in Japanese there aren't words for "the" or "a").
The girl's exclamation "kaimono~!" (the tilde is just for effect) means "shopping" and later she says "koko desu yo!" which means "It's here!".
Koko - here (this place)
Soko - there (that place)
Asoko - over there (that place over there)
These reflect the distance from the speaker. (like kore/sore/etc)
As in the comic, you can say...
"Mise ha doko desu ka?" "Asoko desu."
"Where is the shop?" "It's over there."

It is after this that the dialogue gets a bit more complicated as the girl converses with the shopkeeper. Here is the translation, with notes following:
Girl: "Sumimasen, Ikura desu ka?" "Excuse me, how much is (this/it)"
SK (shopkeeper): "Senman en desu." "It's ten million yen."
Girl: "ahahaha... chotto takasugimasu ga, hoka ni arimasen ka?" "It's [a little] too expensive. Don't you have anything else?"
SK: "Onaji shurui no desu ka?" "Of the same kind?"
Girl: "Naji shurui no ka nita no ga hoshii n desu ga..." "I want the same kind or something similar."
SK: "Iie" "No"
Girl: "Demo... mouhoka ni wa arimasen ka?" "But, don't you have anyone else? [to show me]"
SK: "Motto oyasui no desu ka?" "Less expensive?"
Girl: "Moshi attara!" "If possible!"
SK: "Kou yuu no ga gozaimasu..." "We have this [kind]"
Girl: "Ikura desu ka?" "How much is [this one]?"
SK: "Hyakuman en desu." "One million yen (is)"
Girl: "Sou desu ka... Hoka ni arimasen ka nee?" "Ah, I see, don't you have anything else?"
SK: "Kore wa ikaga desu ka?" "How is this? (this how is it?)"
Girl: "Etto...ii desu." "Ummm, that's fine."
SK: "Omochi ni narimasu ka?" "Will you take (it with you?)"
Girl: "Hai, onegai!" "Yes, please (do this for me)"
SK: "Maido arigatou gozaimasu..." "Thank you for your patronage(Thank you very much each time you come)"
Girl: "Sayonara!" "Goodbye!"
SK: "Sayonara..." "Goodbye..."

"shurui no" and "shurui no mono" = "one(s) of the same kind"
"nita no ga" = one (that) resembles (it)
When the shopkeeper says "Kou yuu no ga gozaimasu..." the "gozaimasu" is an extra polite version of "arimasu" that he would use for a customer.
"oyasui" is an extra-polite form of "yasui" or "yasui desu" containing the honorific prefix o-. (Adjectives that do not start with "o" can use this prefix to honor the person you are speaking to/about)
"ikaga" is an extra-polite version of "dou" which is "how".
"Omochi ni narimasu ka?" is a respectful, polite form of "mochimasu ka?" or "motte ikimasu ka?"
"Maido arigatou gozaimasu" is a common expression used by shopkeepers. "Maido" meaning "each time" and "arigatou gozaimasu" is formal/extra-polite "thank you".

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The part that says "doko wa mise desu ka?" is wrong. It should read "mise wa doko desu ka?"

By Blogger Inu Yasha, at 10:31 PM  

Thanks Inuyasha :)

we're still storting out the site, so i'll edit the comic when i get the chance :)

By Blogger Willu, at 4:33 AM  

It has been replaced with the roumaji version, thank you so much for your feedback! ^_^

By Blogger nihongocomics, at 2:00 AM  

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