Wednesday, June 29, 2005
Episode 007 - Those Eyes

Sorry the text took so long to post! ^^; I had it all typed out a few days ago, but the computer erased it...

Sumimasen, wakarimasen. = Excuse me, I don't understand.

Sumimasen = Excuse me.

= the verb "wakaru".

The masu form is "wakarimasu",

which is "understand". "Wakarimasen" is also used for "I don't
know" or "I haven't made up my mind yet." This is known from

The warrior in the top panel next to the girl is saying...

Dakara boku, yoru mo roku ni nemurenai n desu.
because/so I/me, night also sufficiently/well can't sleep
(explan.) is "So I can't even sleep well at night."

Dakara = because/so/therefore

boku = masculine "I/me"

yoru = night

mo = also, ex: "Watashi mo" "Me too/me also"

roku ni = Roku means "good" or "well" but is usually used with a
negative to mean "not well" -> "bad/poor" etc.

nemurenai = can't sleep (nemui = sleepy, nemuri = sleep) n = (explan.)

desu = is/am/are

The girl next to him is saying "Huumu" which is just the sound

effect for "Hmmm".

The archer girl is saying...
"roku demo nai hanashi bakkari da"
"You don't hear anything but bad news."

= good/decent

demo nai = "is not"

hanashi = talk/conversation (verb root = hanasu)

bakkari = nothing but (colloq. of "bakari" which is "only/nothing but")

da = is

In the bottom panel Senchan says "Eigo ga wakarimasu ka?" which

means "Do you understand English?"

Eigo = English

ga = indicates direct object

wakarimasu = understand (root = wakaru)

ka = indicates a question

The girl responds with "iya" which is a colloquial "iie", meaning


1 Replies nihongocomics @ 12:30 AM.


Just a small comment (I like your way of introducing simple japanese in comic format by the way - it works very nicely)

I think your 'hmm' sound effect might be better in katakana rather than hiragana, as katakana is more frequently used for sound effects, foreighn names and loan words.

By Blogger Norgus, at 2:09 PM  

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